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  • Newberry Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies

    March 1, 2024 Tarren Andrews (Yale University) Location: Newberry Library This workshop aims to support medievalists thinking creatively about careers outside academia by encouraging thoughtful reflection about medieval studies skills and their wide-ranging utility. We will explore the range of archival skills scholars in medieval studies develop and consider their application in places outside of READ MORE

  • Early Medieval Writing Workshop

    March 6, 2024 Location: Columbia University 1:30-3:30 pm, 612 Philosophy Hall, lunch provided This in-person workshop is for students in the dissertation stage, or advanced undergraduate stage, who would like to get feedback on either a draft of a chapter, an outline, an article, or a section of a thesis with other students and faculty. READ MORE

  • Carceral Angels: An Abolitionist History of the Sheriff

    Seeta Chaganti (UC Davis) February 5, 2024 The NYU Consortium Medievalists and Medieval and Renaissance Center are excited to host Dr. Seeta Chaganti’s talk titled “Carceral Angels: An Abolitionist History of the Sheriff.” The event will take place on February 5th at 6:00pm EST in the event space at NYU’s English Department (244 Greene St.) and over Zoom.In-person attendees READ MORE

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