Fall 2010

Oct 8

Colloquium on the Soliloquies through the Twelfth Century

Leslie Lockett (The Ohio State University), Emily Thornbury (English, UC Berkeley), and Frank Bezner (Classics, UC Berkeley) 
will lead a wide ranging seminar on theories of mind and soul in Old English and Latin texts.

10 AM-3 PM Wheeler Hall 306
at UC Berkeley 

Co-sponsored by the UC-Berkeley Department of English

Oct 27

Peter Dendle (Pennsylvania State University)

“The Old English Life of St. Malchus: Desert Creatures and Spiritual Primitavism”

Two short tales of the Desert Fathers, along with Saint Jerome’s complete “Life of Malchus the Captive,” appear in Old English as a cluster in a unique manusc-ript (MS Cotton Otho C.i, volume 2). These tales contain lively scenes with demons, seductresses, ravenous lions, and daring escapes, alongside philosophical musings and quiet meditations. Aside from being inherently fascinating stories, these texts provide fascinating glimpses into late Anglo-Saxon responses to monasticism and spirituality. The talk will unpack some of the recurring anxieties and narrative trajectories of this brief series of texts, drawing special attention to some of the changes in meaning that have been introduced in the Old English version from the Latin originals.

6.30 pm 
at New York University
19 University Place Room, Great Room

Co-sponsored by the Medieval Forum, NYU

Nov 5

Wes Yu (Mount Holyoke)

“Carolingian Allegory and the Logic of Found Objects”
at Columbia University, Philosophy Hall 201B
Precirculated Paper upon request. Email assc@columbia.edu